Diary: At the Heart of Family

This space serves as a reflection of my life lived as an everyday wife + mom at home. It’s my prayer that others will join me on the “ride” of  work/life balance, embracing the seemingly little things, and keeping the important things first. Stay tuned for regular updates of photos and videos.

April 4, 2020 — I mentioned before that I had upped my sandwich game for easy + quick lunch meals at home! Usually, I do minimum cooking on the weekends with take-out as the option. However, we haven’t been too keen on ordering in since our state’s lock down. This is my version of “cheese steak sandwiches”. I used thinly sliced steak sautéed with onions + mushrooms, Worcester sauce, salt, pepper, and smallest amount of EVOO. I topped fresh rolls with meat mixture and sprinkled a bit of shredded cheddar cheese. I then placed the sandwiches in a 350 degree oven so that the bread could toast and the cheese could melt for about 7 minutes. I finally topped them with chopped kale leaves, tomatoes, and mild peppers. My husband and daughter loved them! #Success
April 4, 2020 — My view this morning… Despite all, things continue to bloom… #SpringTime
March 31, 2020 — Jordyn, my six year old daughter (right) video chatting with friends (left) in Kentucky. All are being homeschooled right now, with Jordyn a most recent partaker of this since her public school closed weeks ago.
March 30, 2020 – We spent some time in a remote area. The fresh air and change of scenery was much needed.
March 20, 2020 — Getting out of the house a bit for a picnic + stroll. Very few people were at the park as we were mindful of appropriate safety practices. Since our state has “shut down” – I’ve upped my sandwich game for easy lunches we can enjoy. LOL. #TunaSalad #FreshAir #Laughter

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