Like Jesus Did: Creating “Buzz”

There is no better model for serving others than how Jesus did here on earth… We are clearly not witnessing any shortage of leadership agendas and propaganda. My social media feed is bombarded with sponsored posts by organizations and individuals who desire folks to buy-in to what they are claiming to offer. Certainly there isContinue reading “Like Jesus Did: Creating “Buzz””

Perfectly Imperfect…

So, I’m noticing a personality trait in my daughter… Last year’s home-school year had its fair share of challenges. Jordyn’s dad and I pulled our then 4-year old from traditional preschool after I officially retired from teaching. I created a routine at home that allowed her to be creative while still learning the basic foundations.Continue reading “Perfectly Imperfect…”

Here’s to “Firsts”

#Leadership #MattersOfTheHeart Exactly two years ago, I had no idea what I was being drawn to. I really didn’t have a clue about “my next big move” or what specifically God wanted me to do in my ministry and service to women. I was compelled to publish a resource – CLICK HERE – that would educateContinue reading “Here’s to “Firsts””

Our Partnerships Matter…

#Leadership #MattersOfTheHeart Sometimes what we want and what God wants are two entirely different things… Godly career people, CEOs, ministers, missionaries, authors, founders, presidents, etc. desire to do right by their Lord and the people they serve. Such leaders are often caught between several choices in any given year that could either make or breakContinue reading “Our Partnerships Matter…”

Let’s Be Honest…

#Life #MattersOfTheHeart Life has a way of presenting circumstances that are painful and sometimes quite traumatic. The fallen state of this world and humanity places us in vulnerable positions of being affected by a society filled with crime, abuse, mistreatment, poverty, war, disease, hunger, and so much more. Additionally, relationships and families are a targetContinue reading “Let’s Be Honest…”