Valentine's Day + Broken Relationships + Redemption

My heart sank as I read a recent article on related to the murder of 30-year old, Ruth Reyes Severino and her two children from Salem, New Jersey. The news of this untimely death at the hands of her abusive spouse and the Valentine’s Day tradition of chocolate, cards, and flowers can remind usContinue reading “Valentine's Day + Broken Relationships + Redemption”

One Powerful Word…

The “rush” to be first or the urge to get it done “all at once” or “immediately” is a tempting choice. If you can relate, watch the video below about the power of the word #Wait … #HeartWork #Wait #Temptation #Patience #Endurance #Surrender #FaithInGOD #2020 CLICK HERE to view the latest resources and books.

Traveling Light…

Change may be on the horizon for 2020. If you can relate, keep reading. The Lord had said to Abram, “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you.” – Genesis 12:1 I can imagine that many of us will have to “drop” some things during this season as God continuesContinue reading “Traveling Light…”

A Christmas I’ll Never Forget: A Broken Marriage Engagement + New Direction in Life…

Some events in my life I’ll never forget as their impact have changed the direction of my life – forever. One of these events in particular took place during the Christmas season of 2005. I know that seems like a million years ago to some of you reading this. I was young, passionate, zealous forContinue reading “A Christmas I’ll Never Forget: A Broken Marriage Engagement + New Direction in Life…”

Words You Need to Ditch Right Away

What you see in the mirror always seems to be inferior – even on your best day… Perhaps you are this woman. If so, keep reading… There are many words that we can use to describe ourselves. What we say has a significant impact – more than we sometimes realize.  Proverbs 18:21 Death and life are in theContinue reading “Words You Need to Ditch Right Away”

When Women Gather: Mental Wellness Conversation + More

I recently had the pleasure to meet with Kim Jones, founder and organizer of the GEM Experience in Trenton, NJ. Her upcoming event in February 2020 will include a panel discussion on mental wellness, domestic violence, and life changing moments just for women. I’ll be one of the featured panelists and I’m super excited aboutContinue reading “When Women Gather: Mental Wellness Conversation + More”

Accepting the Call to “Be”…

Many of us will wear many hats, titles, and positions; but no other calling is more sacred than the call to just “be” in God’s presence… There were so many pivotal moments in the New Testament Bible where Jesus was very much active – preaching, teaching, discipling, counseling, healing, and preparing for His destination toContinue reading “Accepting the Call to “Be”…”

Everything We Need…

I have been reflecting a LOT on Genesis 3 (CLICK HERE),  the fall of humanity, and the temptation to seek futile/worthless pursuits. I shared this reflection in a women’s Bible study a couple of weeks ago and it aroused a passionate discussion about God’s wonderful provision and care for us versus Satan’s lies and deceitful promises.Continue reading “Everything We Need…”

11 Things to Do as You Wait…

  I won’t sugar-coat this reality: waiting can be a frustrating and sometimes intimidating process for any one of us… Consider these 11 tips: Reject a “false start.” Think of when Abraham and Sarah solicited Hagar to “help” them achieve what God promised them. Read more HERE. Enjoy the “right now” and the ability to appreciate what you’veContinue reading “11 Things to Do as You Wait…”

The Call to Serve: Marriage

November 4th will mark thirteen years for us… I remember it like it was yesterday. On November 4, 2006, we said our “I do’s” in front of about 150 witnesses in the beautiful, cool, and crisp fall season of New Jersey. The wedding reception with our loved ones, Bahamas honeymoon, and endless celebratory moments were aContinue reading “The Call to Serve: Marriage”