Everything We Need…

I have been reflecting a LOT on Genesis 3 (CLICK HERE),  the fall of humanity, and the temptation to seek futile/worthless pursuits. I shared this reflection in a women’s Bible study a couple of weeks ago and it aroused a passionate discussion about God’s wonderful provision and care for us versus Satan’s lies and deceitful promises.

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The Garden of Eden in Genesis provided Adam and Eve with everything they needed. Yet Satan’s cunning and sneaky ways won the hearts of humanity that fateful day in Genesis 3 . Sadly, the consequences of sin entered the world in ways that bear witness to the state of our world today (crime, corruption, human suffering, family dysfunction, etc.).

Today, as believers of Jesus Christ, we have hope for when we are tempted by Satan’s offers. There is a way of escape as we trust God for being everything we need.

Below are some application points to consider in the face of temptation:

  • turn to God immediately and honestly at the onset of your weakness and temptation to turn to things that go against biblical commands – He longs for you to lean and depend on Him in your vulnerability
  • be mindful of the impact of sin and the fact that disobedience has consequences
  • seek support from healthy communities of sisterhood, mentorship, or spiritual leaders
  • rely on spiritual necessities like never before – prayer, meditation, time in God’s Word, fellowship with other believers, fasting, etc.
  • express gratitude for what you already have as you await patiently for your desires to be fulfilled in a manner that is in alignment with God’s way and timing
  • remember that the “second Adam” – Jesus Christ – is your redeemer in every way as His death, burial, and resurrection made provision for you to be empowered by the Holy Spirit to resist temptation.


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